2015 Seasonal Greetings from GyroGear Team

IMG 2387 e1447717706702 - 2015 Seasonal Greetings from GyroGear Team

We’re ending 2015 with a BANG! And it’s all thanks to you! We’ve grown a lot over the past year, met so many new faces, established even more connections but most importantly, we look forward to making the GyroGlove a reality alongside each and every one of you in 2016!

Our year ended with GyroGear being recognised by the prestigious Nominet Trust UK as one of the 100 rising tech startups in the year 2015. We are proud to be part of this enthusiastic, innovative and wacky vanguard advancing tech for social good.

We had a fantastic time at the one and only Facebook HQ London where we were interviewed by some of the biggest tech journalists and featured on The Guardian, The Memo and UK International Business Times as one of the “Winning Digital Tech Companies from the UK that are Helping People and Making a Difference.” We even got to be on a podcast conducted by our local hometown favourite the BBC!

If you would like a piece of the action, we’re currently recruiting willing volunteers who are in the vicinity of London to join us in measuring tremors and trying out GyroGlove. We’ve been getting great responses from the Essential Tremor and Parkinson’s community and quite a few have stepped up to take part in our research!

If you would like to take part do feel free to contact Wei or just sign-up on our website.

In case you’d like to catch up on the progress we’ve made in this awesome year, do check out our blogs and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

IMG 4236 e1450297066937 - 2015 Seasonal Greetings from GyroGear Team

Best wishes from team GyroGear, we hope you’ll have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!