4 Types of Tremor

There are 2 broad categories of tremor types, namely:

(1) ‘physiologic’ / normal tremor or

(2) ‘pathologic’ / abnormal tremor.

About (1) physiological / normal tremor:

Contrary to popular belief, not all tremors are easily perceptible – of the aforementioned, physiological / normal tremor is usually extremely hard to detect. In fact, they are often only noticeable upon close observation of a person’s fully outstretched arms. Physiological / normal tremor is not linked to any medical condition or disease and do not adversely affect a person’s daily activities.

About (2) pathological / abnormal tremor:

Conversely, pathological /abnormal tremor is easy to detect and observe in patients. Unfortunately, such tremor often gets in the way of the daily activities of those who have the condition.

We have created an infographic below that summarises 4 types of pathological / abnormal tremor and their associated medical condition(s) – do feel free to share it for awareness or with those whom you feel will find the information useful.

4PathoTremor<Click here to enlarge>

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