The GyroGear™ Story

“She has those really bad shakes. There’s nothing we can do.”

A 103 year old lady in a London hospital was slowly wasting away. She was growing increasingly frail, and losing a significant amount of weight.

Our founder, Faii Ong, a recent Medicine graduate, was a member of the team assigned to her care. Puzzled by the above,
they wondered: was it a disease, something malignant, or an undiagnosed or unknown condition?

It became crystal clear when Faii decided to check in on her during his lunch hour. She had spent half an hour eating a single bowl of soup — except her hand tremors had sent everything down her front.

After cleaning her up, Faii asked the nurses what they were doing to treat her tremors. They replied, “Well, she’s a hundred and three, forgets you in five minutes, has those really bad shakes, and her medications have stopped working. There’s nothing we can do.”

Shocked at the inadequacy of available treatments, Faii resolved to develop one himself.

Remembering the gyroscope toys of his childhood and their current applications in aviation and electronics, he realised the same technology could be used to stabilise the hands.

Thus, GyroGear™, and the GyroGlove™, were born.

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Our Team

What happens when you put an ex-NHS doctor, engineers, and expert clinicians together?

You get a team united by their deep love of innovation, empathy, and a strong sense of duty committed to restoring independence and quality of life to those who suffer from hand tremors.

Backed by industry-leading experts in musculoskeletal biodynamics, senior mechanical engineers, clinicians, and serial entrepreneurs, we are actively creating solutions to problems of stability.

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Faii Ong