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7 Myths About Essential Tremor
Essential Tremor is more than just “the shakes”, or “something that Grandma has”: it affects a large range of people, from young to old, and can manifest as early as ...
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Shaky Hands, Steady Hearts: Crafting what you Love even with Tremors
  Introduction What do a talented glassblower in Maryland, USA, and a steampunk crafting genius in Yorkshire, England, have in common? Beyond their obvious talent in their respective crafts, they ...
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How do you view Parkinson’s Disease and Essential Tremor?
Simply click on the section you’d like to read on. Of course, we recommend reading them in order! The truth is, “shaky hands” isn’t just one thing. Essential Tremor and ...
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Using your computer with tremors
Typing on your computer or using the mouse with shaky hands might become quite annoying. Here we’ve put together a list of solutions for you how to tackle the problem.
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How do we ensure optimal product development?
Building a product right is one thing. Building the right product another. That’s exactly why we’re starting GyroCircle.
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Meet & Greet at the NTF Annual Conference
We at GyroGear were honored to be part of this year’s annual conference of the National Tremor Foundation (NTF), which was held on 4th of June in Brentwood, Essex.
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GyroGear tributes to Muhammad Ali
We here at GyroGear can only ever dream of following in his footsteps. As a team we’ll keep pushing, and changing lives in our own little way.
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GyroGear will visit the NTF Annual Meeting this Saturday, 4 June!
We were honoured to be asked to be there and GyroGear has gladly accepted their invitation! We will be in Brentwood on Saturday 4th June from 1.30 pm until 5.30 pm.
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GyroGlove named Millennial Trailblazer by Telefonica!
We’re so excited to have been selected as one of 15 Millennial Trailblazers by Telefonica’s Digital Futures. The series constitutes some of the hottest tech start-ups from the boroughs of London.
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