Careers with GyroGear

GyroGear is a innovation driven, award winning startup based in London.
We are a focused yet flexible team, comprising individuals that care about changing the world through innovations.

Who We Need

GyroGear is a company that plans to make great strides in the coming years in the medical field as well as a range of other applications. We are seeking entrepreneurial individuals with drive and passion who understand our company culture and work well with people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures.

We need engineers who can explain complex circuitry to their grandmothers. We need businessmen and women who will listen to them and whip the engineers when they become unruly.

What We Offer

International work experience

Join a team of the best and the most talented young minds from all over the world, working together to overcome contemporary problems with cutting edge technology

Stable income

We offer a competitive salary with a reward system based on quality, not quantity. We review regularly to keep up with everyone and make sure everyone is treated fairly.

Innovative atmosphere

The engineering, business, and medical teams all work closely together and communicate regularly. We are building innovative solutions for people and our team reflects a deep understanding of all aspects of these real life problems. If this appeals to you, we would love for you to join us!

Build Things

We are currently seeking a senior mechanical engineer with 3-5 years of product development experience. Click the link below for a detailed job description! We look forward to receiving your application!

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Do Things

In the coming months, we will be hiring data analysts and logistics specialists to help with our pre-order campaign and order fulfillment, keep an eye out on this page for these postings!

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