Frequently Asked Questions

The GyroGlove™ is a wearable technology currently in development to increase hand stability. Gyroscopes within the glove are used to counteract hand tremors to restore the confidence and ease of daily tasks.
We feel that the issue of managing hand tremors is directly reflected in GyroGlove, as it acts to restore confidence by stabilising hand movements. The glove will feature a lightweight detachable gyroscope on top of a small and sleek harness. GyroGlove is the steppingstone to help you carry out the activities that you love!

GyroGear is a diverse team formed from a range of backgrounds and experienced minds. We have expertise from medical backgrounds, to mechanical engineering, to business and market designers.
To ensure that GyroGlove is the best it could possibly be; we are looking to release the product in 2017. To stay up to date with the development of the glove and its launch, you can subscribe here.
Testing for GyroGlove is currently being undertaken in our London labs. However, we would love for more feedback and participation! If you live in, or around London, we do encourage you to get in contact with us if you would like to contribute to the development of our glove.
Initially the product will be launched in a selection of countries; however, the intention is for a full release of GyroGlove at a later stage.

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