GyroGear at WIRED UK’s Smarter Event

IMG 1734 1084x707 - GyroGear at WIRED UK's Smarter Event
IMG 1734 1024x667 - GyroGear at WIRED UK's Smarter Event

GyroGear was invited once more to showcase at the fantastic WIRED UK’s Smarter event at London, Kings Cross. This invite-only ‘super-conference’ brings together the top global ‘individuals, companies and ideas set to change the future of the world’ to explore the future of business.

IMG 4951 834x1024 - GyroGear at WIRED UK's Smarter Event

Featuring CEOs and top officers from the World Economic Forum, Monzo, eBay, IBM, Softbank, DeepMind, Barclays, the event was a perfect opportunity to showcase our flagship GyroGlove device to a curious scientific and commercial audience.

IMG 1338 1024x869 - GyroGear at WIRED UK's Smarter Event

The team had meaningful interactions and insightful conversations with innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs alike, all eager to understand how the GyroGlove worked after watching the impressive side-by-side comparison videos taken of some of our volunteer evaluations. 

IMG 1010 1024x862 - GyroGear at WIRED UK's Smarter Event

It was heartening to hear the encouraging feedback of each and every individual who gave the GyroGlove a try, most of whom added how much of an impact it could make to the lives of someone they knew who was suffering from either Essential Tremor or Parkinson’s Disease.

Thank you too to everyone who stopped to talk with us; the response to the GyroGlove at the meeting was tremendous.