GyroGear recognised in this year’s Nominet Trust NT100!

NominetTrust 9Dec 069 2 1084x652 - GyroGear recognised in this year's Nominet Trust NT100!

GyroGear is proud to be named among the 2015 Nominet Trust 100 (NT100) – a global celebration of the 100 most inspiring uses of digital technology for social good. Curated by the Nominet Trust, the UK’s leading tech for good funder, GyroGear is humbled to join previous awardees that include Kickstarter, Firefox, Khan Academy, Arduino, 23andme and Bitcoin

Projects featured in the NT100 are using technology to tackle some of the world’s biggest social problems including support for refugees in Europe, healthcare, social inclusion and our emergency response to natural disasters.

Following a global call for nominations earlier this year GyroGear, a pioneering startup developing intelligent wearable technology to stabilise hand tremors, was selected by ten leading judging partners from the tech and charity world in recognition of our work. The GyroGlove implements simple, yet cutting-edge, gyroscopes in stabilising hand tremors.

GyroGear Founder, Faii Ong, added, “We are exceptionally grateful for making this year’s NT100. Crucially, the NT100 acknowledges the oft forgotten daily struggles of those with tremor, and it recognises our fight to restore quality of life to these individuals.”

NominetTrust 9Dec 069 - GyroGear recognised in this year's Nominet Trust NT100!
“We at GyroGear want our 70 year old champion to drink a glass of water with just a hand, our 40 year old advocate to be able to perform household chores and take care of her children, and our 10 year old beneficiary to stop being bullied in school because of his ‘shaking’.”
Faii, Ong - Founder, GyroGear
NominetTrust 9Dec 067 s - GyroGear recognised in this year's Nominet Trust NT100!

“Around a third of people living with Parkinson’s report that tremor has a significant impact on quality of life, hindering people in undertaking everyday tasks such as cooking and typing. GyroGear is finding solutions to counterbalance the impact of tremor on day to day life and we are so pleased to be working with them to develop these ideas and devices,” says Helen Matthews COO, The Cure Parkinson’s Trust. “Going forward we will be seeking volunteers based in London who can help shape this project further”, she added.

This year, GyroGear stands amongst familiar names such as Google X’s Project Loon, which aims to deliver the Internet to developing countries via large air balloons and Wayfindr, a project led by UK charity, the Royal London Society for Blind People (RLSB), which allows visually impaired people to navigate via an audio smartphone app. The list also features other exciting ventures such as Kgolagano, which utilises TV white space to provide medical care to rural areas of Botswana remotely, and Humanitarian Open Street Maps Team, which harnesses the power of the crowd to build maps for emergency aid workers, for example during the West Africa Ebola outbreak.

Vicki Hearn, Director of Nominet Trust, said:

“Remarkable people all over the world are embracing technology to combat some of the most pressing social challenges we face today. This year in particular, the resourcefulness of organisations helping those in urgent need is hugely inspirational. Initiatives supporting the communities devastated by the Ebola outbreak and the Nepal earthquake are powerful examples of how imaginative use of digital technology can enable us to respond swiftly to rapidly evolving crises.

“Increasing accessibility to technology is helping foster communities of social tech entrepreneurs worldwide, who are transforming healthcare, access to education, sustainability and civic empowerment. The NT100 seeks to highlight these pioneers, so that others may be encouraged to follow in their footsteps.”Vicki Hearn, Director of Nominet Trust

The 2015 NT100 was compiled from a combination of over 500 public nominations and in-house research to produce a shortlist of 150 projects. The final hundred were selected by judging partners of ten tech and charity organisations, comprising the Big Lottery Fund, Comic Relief, Creative England, Facebook, Latimer Group, Nominet, O2 Telefonica, Oxfam, Salesforce and Society Guardian.

Check us out on this year’s NT100’s video!

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