GyroGear Shows Compelling Before-and-After Video at AI Summit London

01e970ec 5a6f 43a8 870e 2207947b9a89 - GyroGear Shows Compelling Before-and-After Video at AI Summit London

Our team cannot be more excited to update you with our latest news. In a year, we have gone from an early prototype to an integrated design with aerospace gyroscopic technology. The sheer focus, time and dedication in achieving our milestones allowed us to present a recent integrated prototype right here at Europe’s largest Artificial Intelligence conference, the AI Summit.

We are grateful for their invitation to both showcase and present the GyroGlove. We too would like to extend our thanks to TechXLR8 and London Tech Week for getting us involved in the largest tech event here in Europe. Here is coverage by Reuters TV, who selected the GyroGlove from the hundreds of exhibitors as a clear example of ‘real life application of technology’.

Compared to the first version that we have all seen, this particular unit is now smaller, sleeker, and lighter. Katie Gregory from Reuters TV showed a compelling before-and-after video and whilst the GyroGlove is not yet available for use or sale, we’re sure that everyone who’s been following our progress is very excited about the future possibilities of the device.

We appreciate Reuters selecting us out of the hundreds of exhibitors, including Microsoft and IBM, to demonstrate the GyroGlove.

There is a lot of very exciting things happening at GyroGear so please keep on the lookout for more updates.

With Love from London,
The GyroGear Team