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The focus of the GyroGlove™ is to return independence and freedom.
Engineered to withstand the challenges of daily living, designed for utter simplicity — the GyroGlove™ will get you back to doing what you love.

How the GyroGlove ™ Works:

Gyroscopes are spinning discs used in cutting edge aerospace technology, but operate on the same principles as children’s toy tops. Conserving angular momentum to stay upright in any plane of motion, they are therefore able to counter any input of force in any direction swiftly and proportionately.

We weighed the options of elastic bands, weights, fluid dampeners, springs, electromagnetic shock absorbers, hydraulics, soft robotics, and more. However, nothing even came close to the responsiveness, simplicity, and reliability of gyroscopes.

If they’re good enough for satellites and rockets, they’ll work for us.

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Great Things Come In Small Packages.

The GyroGlove™ comprises a small, lightweight module attached to a minimalist harness. It locks easily and securely in place, and comes with a companion app for you and your healthcare network manage your tremors. Comfortable, sweat- and water-resistant, and durable, GyroGlove™ users will be able to love using their hands again, indoors and outdoors.

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Developed Together with You, for You.

The GyroGlove™ was developed closely with patients right from the start.
Each feature goes through rigorous design, engineering, and testing processes, with final inclusion only if it provides notable benefit.

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