The singular focus of the GyroGlove is to return independence and freedom.
Engineered to withstand the elements, and designed for utter simplicity — the GyroGlove will be your helping hand.

Technology behind the GyroGlove

Gyroscopes are spinning discs used in cutting edge aerospace technology, but no different from children’s toy tops. Gyroscopes conserve angular momentum to stay upright in any plane of motion. These spinning discs thus counter any input of force instantaneously and proportionally.

We have weighed the options of elastic bands, weights, springs, electromagnetic shock absorbers, hydraulics, soft robotics, and more. But nothing comes close to the balance of responsiveness, simplicity, and reliability of gyroscopes.

If they’re good enough for satellites and rockets, they work for us.

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Reduction of Tremors

Early stage testing demonstrates significant reduction of tremors by over 80%. These tests were conducted on a rig calibrated to a severe hand tremor.

Currently, the product is being designed to treat the tremors of those specifically suffering from Essential Tremor and Parkinson’s Disease, but we have high hopes that the technology will be able to treat tremors caused by a range of conditions.

Great Things Come In Small Packages

The GyroGlove is a small, lightweight stability device that fits on the back of the hand attached to a minimalist harness. It locks easily in place, and integrates intelligent functionality. With the GyroGlove, wearers will enjoy both indoor and outdoor daily use.

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Developed closely with users

The GyroGlove was developed closely with patients from day one.
Each function and feature has gone through a rigorous design and engineering process, with final inclusion only if it provides notable benefit.

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