GyroGlove named Millennial Trailblazer by Telefonica!

Untitled 2 1 - GyroGlove named Millennial Trailblazer by Telefonica!

We’re so excited to have been selected as one of 15 Millennial Trailblazers by Telefonica’s Digital Futures. The series constitutes some of the hottest tech start-ups from the boroughs of London.

Together with Shivvy Jervis and her awesome team, we got to film our part of the 15-part series at the place where all the work is going on – Imperial College London!

Our shoot kick-started with our team’s bathroom opera singer/ founder Faii Ong sharing his view on the team, our progress with the GyroGlove and the potential of the glove’s applications in the future. We also get up-close and personal to how Faii maintains his sanity and his outlook on the millennials’ role in succeeding Gen-X.

Then it was a time to get geeky with Danny as our lead engineer Paul demonstrated GyroGlove prototype and how it works!

“Are we here to make ourselves happy or others happy?”Faii, Ong - Founder, GyroGear

The team had a blast filming and we sincerely thank Digital Futures and Telefonica for giving us the opportunity to share our project – GyroGlove with the the world.

Don’t forget to catch the Trailblazers video above and of course a sneak peak of Shivvy’s ft. Faii Ong new single ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ taken at the beautiful Queen’s Lawn just right beside our campus.