Meet & Greet at the NTF Annual Conference

memories 1 - Meet & Greet at the NTF Annual Conference

We at GyroGear were honored to be part of this year’s annual conference of the National Tremor Foundation (NTF), which was held on 4th of June in Brentwood, Essex.

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GyroGear – All geared up for a great day!

The NTF is an organisation providing help, support and advice to all those living with tremors. Each year the NTF holds an annual conference, providing members and friends with the opportunity of not only meeting and spending some time together but also asking a panel of experts’ questions that help with improving quality of life – a goal which also we at GyroGear want to push forward.

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Jackie Farrell – a great person, who is supporting GyroGear since the very beginning of our story.

This year, three speakers gave presentations on current research and treatments for tremor related conditions, including Dr. Peter Bain. He is the leading scientist in the field of tremor research, focusing on Essential Tremor, Parkinson’s Disease and conditions with similar symptoms. At this year’s NTF meeting he concentrated on the possibility of Focused Ultrasound, a pioneering way of reducing tremors.

All speeches were truly inspiring, and the chance to meet so many impressive and strong members of the tremor community was invaluable! Hearing the different stories and backgrounds is extremely helpful for the development of the GyroGlove. We would like to thank the multiple participants who took part in our latest tremor testings and who are helping us to shape our product further. Having different opinions and thoughts on our device is extremely important. It allows everyone to have a personal and direct contribution to a device that could potentially help thousands across the world, and we take this exceptionally serious. Having your perspective as part of the development process brings the GyroGlove that much closer to being effective and safe upon manufacture.

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Hayley Brook-Bell during our tremor measurement. She is an incredible young lady running the support group Young People Living with Essential Tremor 18-30 on Facebook.

The NTF annual conference was a great success, attracting approximately 100 individuals with tremors from all over the UK. It was inspiring to see everyone coming together again. The GyroGear team is looking forward to meeting everyone soon again to make even more memories together!

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Capturing moments with friends.

To all our supporters out there – thank you for engaging with us and for believing in the work we are doing! Our goal is to soon be able to make a valuable contribution to society by helping everyone who is living with tremors.

Your GyroGlove Team