How do we ensure optimal product development?

hands together sand - How do we ensure optimal product development?
What’s GyroCircle about?

Building a product right is one thing. Building the right product another.
That’s exactly why we’re starting GyroCircle.

GyroCircle is an informal group for our friends and volunteers. The initiative was launched with the purpose to give everyone the opportunity to be closely involved in our development process. Currently we’re supported by 200 people worldwide looking to help us bring the GyroGlove to market.

We’re here to listen

We’re so grateful that people with diversified backgrounds have decided to come on board. Patients of all ages, their family members and friends, healthcare professionals and researchers are ready to contribute their efforts and making a difference in people’s life.

They’re ready to share their stories and we’re here to listen carefully!
The more we open our ears, the better we can tailor GyroGlove to your needs. That’s the whole purpose of GyroCircle.

We are thankful for being given a chance to walk along the journey and fight hand tremors together with our fellows.