Careers with GyroGear™

GyroGear™ is the innovation-driven, award-winning creator of the GyroGlove™.
We are a focused yet flexible team, comprising individuals that care about changing the world through innovations.

Who We Need

GyroGear™ seeks high-impact team players who will contribute to a vibrant company culture. They must work well with people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures, and be able to manage a dynamic workload across different disciplines.
If you are driven, have an insatiable curiosity and desire to innovate, excellent communications skills, and can easily interface with both corporations and consumers, reach out to us.

What We Offer

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International work experience

Join a team of the best and the most talented minds from all over the world, working together to overcome contemporary problems with cutting-edge technology

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Competitive remuneration

We offer a competitive salary with a reward system based on quality, not quantity. Regular reviews ensure we treat each other fairly.

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Innovative atmosphere

Building an innovative product requires innovative people. Regardless of our core disciplines, each team member deeply understands the logic behind every department’s strategy and science, and is encouraged to question and help construct the product at each step.

Chief Technology Officer

10-20 years experience in engineering (or equiv) and medical device development. Send us your CV and a cover letter to

Job Specs

Senior Mechanical Engineer

3-7 years experience in engineering, product development (or equiv) and medical device development. Send us your CV and a cover letter to

Job Specs


In the coming months, we will be hiring data analysts and logistics specialists to help with our pre-order campaign and order fulfillment. Send us your CV and a cover letter at the address below.

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