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    Cutting edge technology with clear focus on positive user outcomes. Simple, effective, with improvement over current therapy. Minimal risk profile.

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    High-impact multidisciplinary team consisting of doctors, engineers, industrial designers, scientists and commercial specialists. Backed by world-class development partners and advisors from Cambridge, UK to Harvard, MIT and NASA.

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    Proven development milestones and user outcomes. Significant user traction with no formal marketing. Validated at top-ranked international competitions and featured on major international media outlets.

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    Considerable commercial and financial potential. Contact us for more information.

“The idea of simple, wearable devices to treat tremor and to avoid the side effects from medications or alternatively the dangers of surgery is very appealing to patients and health care providers,” [The Washington Post]Michael S. Okun, medical director of the National Parkinson Foundation.”
People with Parkinson’s take a cocktail of drugs daily, which over time won’t be so effective…The GyroGlove is an exciting and a completely different concept: something we can wear, something we can feel the benefits of immediately and something which will make our lives easier and allow us to get on with our daily lives. [MIT Technology Review]Sarah Webb, founder of the South London Younger Parkinson’s Network
“At the National Tremor Foundation we always want to work with innovative products that will help our members/volunteers to live independently. The GyroGlove is a very exciting product and we are keen to trial/use with with our members/volunteers. I am confident there will be many charities, hospitals and clinics across the UK looking to engage with GyroGear.”Kevin Harfoot,Chairman, National Tremor Foundation
“We are happy to lend our voice in support of this exciting and innovative product that we feel confident will help people with Parkinson’s to live a more independent life, with better quality of life. The product is one that should be of great interest to many organisations across the EU.” Lizzie Graham,EPDA Executive Director& Board Member, European Parkinson’s Disease Association

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