Stabilising lives

Reducing hand tremors, to get you back to doing what you love.
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Meet GyroGlove!

The GyroGlove seeks to restore quality of life and independence
to those with tremors.

Our award winning concept is inspired by cutting edge aerospace
technology, coupling spinning discs (gyroscopes) with the hand.
These self-calibrating gyroscopes instantaneousy and proportionally
stabilise hand tremors.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The GyroGlove is a piece of wearable technology that stabilises tremors in the hand. It uses a gyroscope to provide resistance against tremors by creating an opposing force in the opposite direction of the tremor.
A crack team of doctors, engineers, and designers—an international mix of young minds and makers from Imperial College London.
We are aiming to start taking orders before the end of this year and plan to start shipping in early 2017
Upon launch, the GyroGlove will be shipped worldwide.
The GyroGlove will reduce tremors by up to 80%, featuring a small, lightweight detachable gyroscope that snaps easily into a non-restrictive harness worn like a glove. There will also be an app available to monitor tremor frequency in order to better communicate with your doctor.