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The GyroGlove is still in development. We are continually making significant progress, working with a good number of customers to help shape the product. We’re already starting work with an exceedingly capable engineering partner to get this to manufacture end of this year.

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Once ready, the glove will be available for sale on our webpage.
Testing of GyroGlove prototypes will commence in springtime this year in our London labs. In case we expand testing to other countries, we will let you know through our newsletters of course!
If you would like to contribute to the development of our glove we encourage you to sign up here or drop us a message.
Initially the product will be launched in a selection of countries. A full release of GyroGlove is intended right afterwards.
The GyroGlove is an intelligent wearable device which mechanically improves hands stability.
Gyroscopes within the glove are used to resist hand movement with an overall effect that feels like moving your hand through viscous treacle.

Its lightweight unit fits on the back of a hand-attached harness and makes it suitable for a variety of tasks. It is not activity-specific and can be used when eating, drinking, writing or even doing one’s shoelaces up.

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