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Our team is proud to announce that the GyroGlove™ has been awarded a total of seven awards at the Consumer Electronics Show 2024, the world's largest technology event.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, January 25, 2024 – GyroGear™ has developed the world’s most advanced hand stabiliser. Our team is proud to announce that the GyroGlove™ has been awarded a total of seven awards at the Consumer Electronics Show 2024, the world’s largest technology event.

Per the Consumer Technology Association, CES 2024 showcased 4300+ exhbitors, with 135,000+ attendees from 150 countries. Moreover, the ‘CES 2024 Innovation Awards program received 3000+ submissions, a record high, and included AI as a new category.’

Against this backdrop, GyroGear™ is exceptionally grateful for the recognition on multiple fronts:

1. CES 2024 Innovation Awards – Honouree, Accessibility & Aging Tech
2. CES 2024 Innovation Awards – Honouree, Digital Health
3. CES 2024 Innovation Awards – Honouree, Wearable Technologies
4. AARP AgeTech Collaborative™ Competition – Golden Ticket Recipient and Overall Winner
5. USA Today CES 2024 AccessABILITY Award
6. Canadian Broadcast Corporation Planète Techno Award
7. Engadget Best of CES 2024

The team also briefly hosted Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella as he sought to meet several medical startups of interest. Mr. Nadella touched on GyroGlove’s product availability, future pipeline and how GyroGear™ was implementing technologies of interest. The GyroGear™ team demonstrated how the GyroGlove™ was an absolute game changer to our volunteers with advanced Parkinson’s who were with us at CES.

Dr. Faii Ong, GyroGear’s Founder and CEO, expressed gratitude for the recognition and support, “The seven awards at CES 2024 are entirely due to the team’s relentless and unremitting commitment to producing the best outcomes for our beneficiaries. What was even more pivotal was the tremendous impact that the GyroGlove™ provided to our two wonderful

volunteers with advanced Parkinson’s who joined us for CES. Our mission is getting people back to doing what they love.”

GyroGear’s flagship product, the GyroGlove™, has garnered global attention for its use of advanced technology to assist individuals with hand tremors, particularly those with Parkinson’s disease and essential tremor.

At CES, the GyroGlove™ was featured in major publications including Associated Press, USA Today, TechRadar, Wired, and Engadget.

The company extends its appreciation to CES, the awarding organizations, and its supportive community. For more information about GyroGear™ and its award-winning product, please visit www.gyrogear.co.

About GyroGear™

GyroGear™ is at the forefront of neuromuscular technology, dedicated to creating revolutionary solutions for individuals with movement disorders. With a strong commitment to accessibility and health innovation, GyroGear™ continues to transform lives globally through its flagship product, the GyroGlove™.

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